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Danez Smith’s open brief naar wit Amerika is een masterclass in poetry performance

Dichter Danez Smith won in 2014 zowel de individuele als de groeps performance van de Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam. De performance van ‘Dear White America’ was onderdeel van die zegetocht. In het stuk vertelt hij waarom hij als zwarte mens in Amerika de aarde simpelweg achter zich laat. Het is een door en door Afrofuturistische […]

Django Unchained: Destroying Whites, Whiteness Remains

Debate over Django Unchained has been intense for weeks before it’s release, especially given Spike Lee’s tweet about his refusal to see the film due to it’s disrespect to his ancestors. Tavis Smiley said similarly. For multiple reasons, the film is incredibly controversial and reviews for, against, and somewhere in between resound across the internet […]

Decolonial Love

“Guess who’s coming to dinner?” was the title of the American 1967 box office hit that starred Sidney Poitier and Katherine Hepburn among others. The story was a controversial one at that time in the United States: a young white woman from a liberal upper-class background marries a black man and brings him home to […]