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“Made by Whites for Whites” toont hoe je om kan gaan met racistische artefacten

Nick Cave‘s “Made by Whites for Whites” and “Rescue” are currently on view [..]. The artist began this series when he found a container at a flea market shaped like the head of a black man labeled “Spittoon.” Shocked and outraged, he began to consider how he might reappropriate derogatory objects such as these, in order to “rehabilitate the problematic loaded object and find a place of reverence and empowerment through reuse.”

“Made by Whites for Whites” addresses the prevalence of American racist objects that are too historically significant to be destroyed yet too offensive to be displayed. […] Some pieces, such as Sacrifice are presented as key objects that have not been significantly altered. The severed head of a black man on a stick is hung diagonally with cast hands framing his face, loaning compassion to an object that was once used as a ring toss in a carnival game. [Whitewall]

Ik ben benieuwd welk kunst instituut, met het huidige xenofobisch klimaat in Nederland, het durft om deze show hier naar toe te halen. We boksen nu namelijk op tegen een impasse waar alleen kunstenaars ons uit kunnen halen. De politiek en het bedrijfsleven hebben aangetoond hier geen raad mee te weten. Kunstenaars juist niet.

[H/T Simmi Dullay]

Foto: King of the Hill van Nick Cave



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