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Een ontmaskerde Twitter treiteraar pleegde zelfmoord in Engeland

Heftig om te lezen dat iemand zo’n ander en naar gezicht voor internet op zette dat ze er niet mee kon leven dat mensen uit haar direct omgeving dat te weten zouden komen.

Though Gerry and Kate McCann were cleared of wrongdoing [in their daughter’s disappearance in 2007] when Portugal’s attorney general closed the McCann case in 2008, many trolls believe the parents are still somehow at fault. Leyland, for example, allegedly tweeted about the McCanns more than 4,200 times under the username @sweepyface (now deleted), one time suggesting that they should suffer “for the rest of their miserable lives.”

Last week, Sky News TV, possibly using information obtained from the wiki, confronted Leyland outside her home. Shortly thereafter she disappeared from her neighborhood and was found dead in a Leicestershire hotel room days later. Cops aren’t treating her death as suspicious. [Gawker]


Photo credit: zen via Photopin cc



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