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Lancering nieuwe black arts magazine gerilja/kurating

Sarah Klerks en Chandra Frank lanceren morgen de nieuwe black arts magazine gerilja/kurating.

gerilja/kurating is an online magazine focused on the black arts scene across the globe, based in Amsterdam and kurated by Chandra Frank and Sarah Klerks.

gerilja/kurating magazine is interested in digging a little deeper into the various themes that namely black artists and curators address in their work. we kurate an online magazine and showcase various forms of visual arts related to a range of themes such as decoloniality, gender, race, popular culture and (street) fashion. without making grand generalisations about ‘black art’ and a ‘black arts movement’, we are interested in the meaning of ‘black art’ today. from time to time you’ll find gerilja offline as well.

Wees er morgen bij om 18 uur in de Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts (Oudeschans 21). Op hun Facebook event page staat nog meer over het event met werk van Patricia Kaersenhout, Coco Shay, Itzel Xoco en DJ Boris Becker.

Foto: Lakin Ogunbanwo (2011)



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