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The ‘Do What You Love’ mantra is a boldfaced lie

small__6798855107Miya Tokumitsu has written a spectacular piece on what our changing concept of work is doing to workers and our solidarity with workers’ rights.

By keeping us focused on ourselves and our individual happiness, [Do What You Love] distracts us from the working conditions of others while validating our own choices and relieving us from obligations to all who labor, whether or not they love it. It is the secret handshake of the privileged and a worldview that disguises its elitism as noble self-betterment. According to this way of thinking, labor is not something one does for compensation, but an act of self-love. If profit doesn’t happen to follow, it is because the worker’s passion and determination were insufficient. Its real achievement is making workers believe their labor serves the self and not the marketplace.

Foto: Rakesh JV


[Jacobin Magazine]



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