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A Bird Nest in Gezi Park

gezi park

Photo: resim77

                                         In the memory of Nâzım Hikmet with respect.

Müesser Yeniay was born in İzmir, 1984; graduated from Ege University, with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has won several awards in Turkey including the Yunus Emre (2006), Homeros Attila İlhan (2007) and the Ali Riza Ertan (2009) prize. She has three poetry collections out and has had her work translated the world over. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in Turkish literature at Bilkent University, Ankara, and is also a member of PEN and the Writers Syndicate of Turkey. Müesser is the editor of the literature magazine Şiirden (of Poetry). 

I am writing these from a bird nest
between two branches, in Gezi Park
like a knife my breath is stuck in my chest
they are coming to destroy the sky with all the people of earth

I am a bird nest in Gezi park
between two branches

here the people are poisonous
the trees are displanted

we are getting dismissed from
where our mothers invited us

they are bombing the twitters of birds
-birds cannot produce the sound of cash

an Ethem is heard, a simurg in fire!
welding worker in Ankara
his body is collapsing like a feather

They are turning us into earth before we die.
under smoke street children and cats…
on their hunchback a lost dream
with blind eyes cannot be looked at the world…
or to sleep in an unexpected moment!
in an unexpected moment to sleep…

I am a bird nest in Gezi park
between a pair of branches



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