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Muslim family surrounded by 6 cop cars for toy gun

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Foto: “Prime-Minister Rutte visited the police headquarters Amsterdam-Amstelland and discussed among other things detective work and the rapid reponse to notorious repeat offenders” (27 april 2011)

In Amsterdam a North African or Middle Eastern looking family was surrounded by six cop cars because of a toy gun a little boy stuck out of the sunroof. The boy had won the toy gun at the fair on Friday. The family of three and two friends were ordered to get out of the car with their hands up and to kneel on the sweltering pavement. The Netherlands is going through a heat wave at the moment. One of the passengers was a pregnant woman who immediately started having contractions. The driver Anwar Chakir is filing a complaint with the police while the police contend that this is standard procedure.

What needs to be remembered is that Amsterdam recently allowed a military infantry to use one of its Moroccan populated neighborhoods as a training ground. They wanted to simulate how it was to talk to Muslims so that they were prepared when they were sent on missions abroad. That these were people who were living in a Western society with a completely different political background as some of the locations that they would be dispatched to didn’t matter. They were Muslim and that was enough.

Recently the convicted Norwegian killer and racist Kristian Vikernes was released in France after having initially been arrested for suspicion of planning an attack. Vikernes had been inciting racial hatred online and his wife had recently bought four shotguns. Vikernes was one of the first people to have been given Anders Breivik’s manifesto before he went on his killing spree. And Breivik as we all remember is the white supremacist who killed 77 youngsters at a peace rally. French police said that they released him because there weren’t any signs that he was actually planning something. Vikernes received the benefit of the doubt while a plastic toy gun was deemed enough to call in the whole cavalry.

Two cases of police arrests. One based on factual evidence and the other based on racial profiling. What cannot be dismissed is the fact that it is Ramadan at the moment and the biggest political party according to current polls is Wilder’s populist anti-islam party. Earlier in the year upscaling of the national terror threat level in The Netherlands was based on the fact that a handful of teenagers were going to Syria to fight the Assad regime.

White supremacists who have repeatedly attacked asylum seekers and burned down mosques are still evading the terrorist label because there is a blind spot in regards to white terror. The state refuses to see it because it is complicit in perpetuating it as the arrest of the Chakir family shows.

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