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De Heer Tevreden

Name lost


Dignity stripped.

De heer Tevreden is a colonial name that is, here, a present embraced by the past. Imagine an African past, where he was displaced from; shipped to the New World where his mothers found themselves pregnant with children who’s birth increased the wealth of the very men who enslaved and raped them; where his fathers were beaten black and blue until they bled maroon; The golden pus sipping from their sores is engrained into his name.


Resistance inevitable


History rewritten

De heer Tevreden is an unidentified name that is, here, a unspoken present, where his past is remembered as long ago. An European long ago where he was displacedto; where his ugly race has no identity, forced to bark upon a quest for cultural sanity hidden within European history. Encouraged to shatter his blackness only to be

reassembled to fit white ideology.


Identity reclaimed


Dignity restored

De heer Tevreden, that name, that name is a powerful name that is, it is a name that has shaken off the history of colonial shame and (re)emerged from his ancestors’ struggle because they knew their grandchild would be fine and placed him first in their minds/ Because they knew he would have what they never had.





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