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Dr. Sophie Redmond

Dit is Jeanne Sophie Everdine Redmondt aka Dr. Sophie Redmond. Zij leefde van 1907 – 1955 en was een Surinaamse arts, feministe en activiste met een wel erg bijzondere staat van dienst.

The first black women to enter medical school in Suriname, and, despite much discouragement, the first black female who qualified as a physician. Dr. Sophie Redmond was unapologetic about her vision to make medical services more accessible to the poor. She wrote plays and hosted radio shows that addressed medical, social and financial challenges in local Sranan language, in a manner that was appropriate and relevant for her target audience .
She offered free medical services to the poor and mobilized illiterate people to register for voting.

Dr. Sophie was also unapologetic in her struggle to gain respect for what she acknowledged as her cultural heritage. In spite of her social status she denounced European clothing styles, preferring traditional Koto clothing. Dr Sophie also strived for more research on Suriname’s traditional healing and herbalist practices.

As we are at the dawn of the commemoration of the abolition of slavery in Suriname I share with you the women who inspire us to cherish the African cultural heritage of Suriname.


(H/T Jennifer Baarn)



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